30 Ara 2007


Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genre(s) Tango
Years active 2001 - present
Label(s) Constitution Music
Website www.tanghetto.com

Tanghetto is a musical group based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and one of the most important on the neo tango scene.

The style of Tanghetto is a blend of tango and electronic music. Formed in 2001 by producer and songwriter Max Masri and arranger and instrumentalist Diego S. Velázquez, the band's lineup includes bandoneon, violoncello, acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, electronic and acoustic drums, samplers, and synthesizers. The main feature of their music, apart from the balance of electronic and ethnic sounds, is the strong presence of melody and song structure.

Tanghetto released their first album, Emigrante (electrotango) in 2003. It was nominated for a Latin Grammy award in 2004, and reached platinum status in Argentina in 2006. In late 2004 the group released an album from a side project called Hybrid Tango, in which a variety of world music styles are blended with their sound, including flamenco, candombe, and jazz. This album was also nominated for a Latin Grammy award in 2005.

In early 2005 a compilation of different electronic and neo-tango artists was released in Buenos Aires under the name Tangophobia Vol. 1: Contemporary sounds of Buenos Aires, including five unreleased tracks by Tanghetto. In October 2005 a new album, Buenos Aires Remixed, was released. It's an album full of remixed versions of Tanghetto songs plus two tanghetized cover songs from Depeche Mode and New Order. Their version of "Blue Monday" became an alternative radio hit in the USA, and a favorite on KCRW radio station in Los Angeles. Buenos Aires Remixed reached gold status in early 2007 and became their second gold album. In 2005 they released their first controversial video "Tangocrisis", with images of the Argentine economic crisis. Their second video from Hybrid Tango, "Barrio Sur" was their first video on MTV. In July 2006 they released their first DVD, "Live in Buenos Aires".

Emigrante (electrotango) is the debut album by Buenos Aires-based electronic neo-tango band Tanghetto. The album was released in 2003, reaching gold sales in early 2005. In 2004 Emigrante (electrotango) was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award.

Although it is instrumental, there is an underlying concept through the album: how Argentina, historically a country of immigrants, became a country of emigrating people.

The music of Emigrante is a balance between the electronically generated sounds and acoustic instruments (bandoneón, piano, and guitar). The album was produced by Max Masri and coproduced by Diego S. Veláquez.


Hybrid Tango is a side project by the members of Buenos Aires-based electronic neo-tango band Tanghetto.

Released in December 2004, Hybrid Tango contains twelve instrumental tracks in which, apart from the blend of electronic music and tango that is the distinctive sound of Tanghetto, there are plenty of world-music styles such as flamenco, candombe, and jazz. Acoustic sounds (bandoneón, piano, guitar, violoncello, and even the Chinese stringed instrument, the erhu) are more predominant than in Tanghetto's debut album Emigrante (electrotango). The album was produced by Max Masri and coproduced by Diego S. Velázquez.


A meager compilation of Neo Tango groups / artists. Hope you enjoy :)

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