13 Haz 2007

Aswecrumble.LIST (major update)

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This is a list.
This is my list.
This is THE list.

You name whichever album you want from my list and I’ll upload to rapidshare. Just drop a comment here or mail to jesterdvine@gmail.com
Comments are prefferred ;)

+1 +2 -1 -2 sistemi sadece o grubun taşıdığı ruh halinin ayrımıdır.

Listemden bir albümü veya daha fazlasını seçin, bana jesterdvine@yahoo.com
yada comment bırakarak bildirin, upload edeyim rapidshare’e. Bir yerlere yorum bıraksanız daha iyi olur ama ;)

+1\50's 60's 70's 80's
+1\Abney Park
+1\Abney Park\2008 - Lost Horizons
+1\AFI\Sing The Sorrow
+1\Air\10.000 Hz Legend
+1\Air\Everybody Hertz
+1\Air\Moon Safari
+1\Air\Talkie Walkie
+1\Arcade Fire
+1\Arcade Fire\Funeral
+1\Arcade Fire\Neon Bible
+1\Asian Dub Foundation
+1\Asian Dub Foundation\2003 Enemy of the enemy
+1\Asian Dub Foundation\Tank
+1\Asian Dub Foundation\Time Freeze (The Best Of) 2CD-2007
+1\Audiovent\dirty sexy knights in paris
+1\Ayreon\Human Equation CD1
+1\Ayreon\Human Equation CD2
+1\Barry White
+1\Barry White\Best Of
+1\Benassi Bros
+1\Benassi Bros\Best Of
+1\Benassi Bros\Phobia
+1\Biffy Clyro
+1\Biffy Clyro\Infinity Land
+1\Biffy Clyro\Puzzle (2007)
+1\Billy Talent
+1\Billy Talent\Billy Talent
+1\Billy Talent\Billy Talent II
+1\Black Eyed Peas
+1\Black Eyed Peas\Elephunk
+1\Brooklyn Funk Essentials
+1\Brooklyn Funk Essentials\In the Buzz Bag
+1\Bruce Springsteen
+1\Bruce Springsteen\Born To Run
+1\Camel\Camel - A Nod and a Wink
+1\Camel\Camel - Echoes
+1\Camel\Camel - Mirage
+1\Camel\Camel - Mirage bonus
+1\Camel\Camel - Moonmadness
+1\Cassettes Wont Listen
+1\Cassettes Wont Listen\Small - Time Machine 2008
+1\Chris Rea
+1\Chris Rea\Heartbeats
+1\Chuck - The TV Soundtrack Vol 1
+1\Chuck Berry
+1\Chuck Berry\Golden Hits
+1\Citizen Cope
+1\Citizen Cope\The Clarence Greenwood Recordings
+1\Classic + Neo Classic
+1\Classic + Neo Classic\Cristina Pato And Mutenrohi
+1\Classic + Neo Classic\Terra Media EL Mejor Chillout Medieval
+1\Classic + Neo Classic\Trans-Siberian Orchestra
+1\Coverd\Paint It Black
+1\Diablo Swing Orchestra
+1\Diablo Swing Orchestra\The Butcher's Ballroom (2006)
+1\Dire Straits
+1\Dire Straits\Private Investigations
+1\Dire Straits\The Very Best Of Dire Straits
+1\DJ Shadow
+1\DJ Shadow\EndtroducingDeluxe
+1\Dream Theater
+1\Dream Theater\Dark Side of a Dream
+1\Dream Theater\Falling into Infinity
+1\Dream Theater\Greatest Hits 2CD
+1\Dream Theater\Images and Words
+1\Dream Theater\Live At The Marquee
+1\Dream Theater\Live Scenes From New York
+1\Dream Theater\Metropolis Pt. 2_ Scenes From A Memory
+1\Dream Theater\Octavarium
+1\Dream Theater\Once In A Livetime
+1\Dream Theater\Score_ 20th Anniversary World Tour
+1\Dream Theater\Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
+1\Dream Theater\Systematic Chaos
+1\Dream Theater\Train Of Thought
+1\Dream Theater\When Dream and Day Unite
+1\Emil Bulls
+1\Emil Bulls\Angel Delivery Service (2001)
+1\Emil Bulls\Monogramy
+1\Emil Bulls\Porcelain
+1\Emil Bulls\The Black Path (2008)
+1\Emil Bulls\The Life Acoustic 2007
+1\Emil Bulls\The Southern Comfort
+1\Eminem\Curtain Call
+1\Farzad Golpayegani
+1\Farzad Golpayegani\One
+1\Feist\Let It Die
+1\Feist\The Reminder
+1\Finley Quaye
+1\Flobots\Fight With Tools
+1\Flobots\Present Platypus
+1\Foo Fighters
+1\Foo Fighters\Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace
+1\Frou Frou
+1\Frou Frou\Details
+1\Garou - Piece Of My Soul
+1\Glenn Miller And His Orchestra
+1\Glenn Miller And His Orchestra\The Very Best Of
+1\Gnarls Barkley
+1\Gnarls Barkley\St. Elsewhere [2006]
+1\Hawthorne Heights
+1\Hawthorne Heights\If Only You Were Lonely
+1\Hawthorne Heights\The Silence In Black And White
+1\Hellogoodbye\Hellogoodbye EP
+1\Hellogoodbye\Zombies Aliens Vampires Dinosaurs
+1\Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs(2008)
+1\In Extremo
+1\In Extremo\(1997) In Extremo Gold
+1\In Extremo\(1998) Die Verru¨ckten Sind In Der Stadt
+1\In Extremo\(1998) Hameln
+1\In Extremo\(1998) Weckt die Toten!
+1\In Extremo\(1999) Verehrt und Angespien
+1\In Extremo\(2001) Su¨nder Ohne Zu¨gel
+1\In Extremo\(2002) In Extremo Live
+1\In Extremo\(2003) Sieben
+1\In Extremo\(2005) Liam
+1\In Extremo\(2005) Raue Spree
+1\In Extremo\(2006) Kein Blick Zuru¨ck
+1\In Extremo\2005 - Mein Rasend Herz
+1\In Extremo\Saengerkrieg 2008
+1\In Flames
+1\In Flames\2003 Reroute To Remain
+1\In Flames\2004 Sountrack To Your Escape
+1\In Flames\2008 A Sense Of Purpose
+1\Interpol\Our Love To Admire
+1\Joy Electric
+1\Joy Electric\The Ministry Of Archers
+1\Locked Behind The Doors
+1\Locked Behind The Doors\Persian Underground Music
+1\Metallica\An Industrial Tribute To
+1\Metallica\Bang That Head That Dosent Bang 2005
+1\Metallica\Garage Inc. (CD 1)
+1\Metallica\Garage Inc. (CD 2)
+1\Metallica\Kill 'em All
+1\Metallica\Live in Istanbul 2008
+1\Metallica\Master Of Puppets
+1\Metallica\Metallica - An Industrial Tribute To
+1\Metallica\Ride The Lightning
+1\Metallica\Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Metallica
+1\Metallica\S&M (CD 1)
+1\Metallica\S&M (CD 2)
+1\Metallica\The Golden Unplugged
+1\Morrissey\Greatest Hits (2008)
+1\Morrissey\You Are the Quarry
+1\Ms. John Soda
+1\Ms. John Soda\Drop Scene [2002] [256K]
+1\Ms. John Soda\No.P.or.D
+1\Ms. John Soda\Notes And The Like
+1\Ms. John Soda\While Talking
+1\My Chemical Romance
+1\My Chemical Romance\The Black Parade [2006]
+1\My Chemical Romance\Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
+1\My Chemical Romance\The Black Parade is Dead cd1
+1\My Chemical Romance\The Black Parade is Dead cd2
+1\Naked Empire
+1\Naked Empire\Bottom Feeders 2008
+1\Neo Tango
+1\Neo Tango\Bajofondo Tangoclub
+1\Neo Tango\Carlos Libedinsky
+1\Neo Tango\Gotan Project
+1\Neo Tango\Juan Carlos Caceres
+1\Neo Tango\Neo Tango Compilation
+1\Neo Tango\Otros Aires
+1\Neo Tango\Tanghetto
+1\Neo Tango\TFC
+1\Neo Tango\Ultratango
+1\Newyork Rock'n Roll Ensemble
+1\Newyork Rock'n Roll Ensemble\Reflections
+1\Nickelback\Dark Horse (2008)
+1\Orphaned Land
+1\Orphaned Land\2004 - Mabool
+1\OSI\Office Of Strategic Influence
+1\OST Accepted
+1\OST Garden State
+1\OST Shrek 2
+1\OST Transformers
+1\Pain Of Salvation
+1\Pain Of Salvation\12.5.(Live.Acoustic)
+1\Pain Of Salvation\Be
+1\Pain Of Salvation\One hour by the concrete lake
+1\Pain Of Salvation\Remedy Lane
+1\Pain Of Salvation\Scarsick
+1\Pain Of Salvation\The Perfect Element (Part I) [2000]
+1\Papa Roach
+1\Papa Roach\Infest
+1\Pattern Is Movement
+1\Pattern Is Movement\The (Im)possibility of Longing
+1\Piano Magic
+1\Piano Magic\Disaffected
+1\Piano Magic\Part-Monster [2007]
+1\Piano Magic\The Troubled Sleep of Piano Magic
+1\Pink Floyd
+1\Pink Floyd\The Wall (1979)
+1\Placebo\1nce Moores
+1\Placebo\Once More With Feeling
+1\Queen\1981 - Greatest Hits I
+1\Queen\1991 - Innuendo
+1\Queen\1991-2 - Greatest Hits II
+1\Queen\1999 - Greatest Hits III
+1\R. Hacettepe Neo Tango Odevi
+1\Rammstein\[1998] Live Aus Berlin
+1\Rock The Kasbah
+1\San Ilya
+1\San Ilya\Leaving Sans-Souci
+1\San Ilya\Poise Is The Greater Architect
+1\San Ilya\They Died For Beauty
+1\Seether\Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces 2007
+1\Serj Tankian
+1\Serj Tankian\Elect the Dead (2007)
+1\Subway to Sally
+1\Subway to Sally\Bastard
+1\Subway to Sally\Kreuzfeuer (2009)
+1\Super Furry Animals
+1\Super Furry Animals\Hey Venus 2007
+1\Super Furry Animals\Love Kraft 2005
+1\Super Furry Animals\Rings Around the World 2001
+1\System of a Down
+1\System of a Down\Hypnotize
+1\System of a Down\Mezmerize
+1\Tea Party
+1\Tea Party\1995-The Edges Of Twilight
+1\Tea Party\1997-Transmission
+1\Tea Party\Seven Circles
+1\The Chillout Lounge
+1\The Cure
+1\The Cure\Greatest Hits
+1\The Decemberists
+1\The Decemberists\Picaresque
+1\The Decemberists\The Crane Wife
+1\The Decemberists\The Hazards of Love (2009) @320Kbps
+1\The Good, The Bad and The Queen
+1\The Good, The Bad and The Queen\The Good, The Bad & The Queen (2007)
+1\The Mars Volta
+1\The Mars Volta\Amputechture
+1\The Mars Volta\De-Loused In The Comatorium
+1\The Mars Volta\Frances The Mute
+1\The Mars Volta\The Bedlam in Goliath
+1\The Musical Collection - The Blues Brothers (2008)
+1\The Old Dead Tree
+1\The Old Dead Tree\The Nameless Disease
+1\The Old Dead Tree\The Perpetual Motion
+1\The Old Dead Tree\The Water Fields
+1\The Sundays
+1\The Sundays\Reading Writing Arithmetic
+1\Thursday\A City by the Light Divided
+1\Tuatha De Danann
+1\Tuatha De Danann\The Delirium Has Just Began
+1\Tuatha De Danann\Tingaralatingadun
+1\Tuatha De Danann\Trova Di Danú
+1\U2\How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
+1\U2\Vertigo Tour
+1\VA - 4 Fun Tv
+1\VA - 4 Fun Tv\CD 1
+1\VA - 4 Fun Tv\CD2
+1\VA - Arabic Chillout
+1\VA - Chill N Mecano (2008)
+1\VA - Destination Lounge [Hong Kong]
+1\VA - Destination Lounge [Hong Kong]\Destination Lounge [Hong Kong] CD1
+1\VA - Destination Lounge [Hong Kong]\Destination Lounge [Hong Kong] CD2
+1\VA - Flamenco Arabe Vol1
+1\VA - Flamenco Arabe Vol1\Hossam Ramzy, Rafa Tachuela
+1\VA - Martini Lounge
+1\VA - Martini Lounge\Coctail Nights Vol. 1
+1\VA - Tango Chill Sessions Vol 1
+1\VA - Tango Chill Sessions Vol 2
+1\VA - The Rough Guide To Arabic Cafe
+1\VA - The Rough Guide To Arabic Cafe\Mp3
+1\Ween\The Mollusk
+1\White Lies - To Lose My Life [2009]

+2\Architecture In Helsinki
+2\Architecture In Helsinki\Fingers Crossed
+2\Architecture In Helsinki\In Case We Die
+2\Arctic Monkeys
+2\Arctic Monkeys\Favourite Worst Nightmare
+2\Arctic Monkeys\Humbug
+2\Arctic Monkeys\Whatever People Say I Am Thats What Im Not
+2\Bayside\The Walking Wounded
+2\Bloodhound Gang
+2\Bloodhound Gang\Greatest Hits
+2\Bloodhound Gang\Hefty Fine
+2\Blues Brothers & Friends- Live from House of Blues
+2\Blues Company - The Quite Side Of Blues Company (2006) www.vasiliska.com
+2\Enter Shikari
+2\Enter Shikari\Common Dreads (2009)
+2\Enter Shikari\Take To The Skies 2007
+2\Klaxons\Myths Of The Near Future - 2007
+2\OST Fifa 2005
+2\Panic! At The Disco
+2\Panic! At The Disco\A Fever You Cant Sweat Out
+2\Royksopp\Melody A.M
+2\Royksopp\The Understanding
+2\the A.K.A.S
+2\the A.K.A.S\Everybody Make Some Noise
+2\The Automatic
+2\The Automatic\Not Accepted Anywhere
+2\The Automatic\This is a Fix (2008)
+2\The Doors
+2\The Doors\The Doors - Greatest Hits
+2\The Doors\The Doors - The Platinum Collection (2008)
+2\The Offspring
+2\The Offspring\(1994) Offspring - Smash
+2\The Offspring\[1998] Americana
+2\The Offspring\Conspiracy Of One
+2\The Offspring\Greatest Hits
+2\The Offspring\Ignition
+2\The Offspring\Ixnay On The Hombre
+2\The Offspring\Rare Bonus Songs
+2\The Offspring\Splinter
+2\The Offspring\The Offspring
+2\The Used
+2\The Used\Berth (live 2007)
+2\The Used\In Love And Death
+2\The Used\Lies For The Liars (2007)
+2\VA - MetropolisRebirth 1.0 (2CD) (2008)
+2\VA - MetropolisRebirth 1.0 (2CD) (2008)\cd1
+2\VA - MetropolisRebirth 1.0 (2CD) (2008)\cd2
+2\Wired All Wrong
+2\Wired All Wrong\Break Out The Battle Tapes

+3\Electric Six
+3\Electric Six\Flashy
+3\Electric Six\I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master
+3\Electric Six\Switzerland

-1\10 Years
-1\10 Years\The Autumn Effect
-1\30 Second To Mars
-1\30 Second To Mars\A Beautiful Lie
-1\A Perfect Circle
-1\A Perfect Circle\13th Step
-1\A Perfect Circle\eMOTIVe
-1\A Perfect Circle\Mer de Noms
-1\ABBA\Abba Gold
-1\Alan Parsons Project
-1\Alan Parsons Project\1992-The best of Alan Parsons Project
-1\Amy Winehouse
-1\Amy Winehouse\Back To Black
-1\ANew Revolution
-1\ANew Revolution\Rise
-1\Beyond the Void
-1\Beyond the Void\(2008) Gloom Is A Trip For Two
-1\Beyond the Void\I Am Your Ruin
-1\Brazzaville\Brazzaville - 21st Century Girl (2008)
-1\Brazzaville\East LA Breeze
-1\Brazzaville\Hastings Street
-1\Brazzaville\Rouge on Pockmarked Cheeks
-1\Brazzaville\Welcome to Brazzaville
-1\Calla\Collisions (2005)
-1\Calla\Scavengers (2001)
-1\Calla\Strength in Numbers (2007)
-1\Calla\Televise (2003)
-1\Charon\The Dying Daylights
-1\Dark Tranquillity
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1991 Trail Of Life Decayed (Demo)
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1992 A Moonclad Reflection (Demo)
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1993 Skydancer
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1995 Of Chaos And Eternal Night
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1995 The Gallery
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1996 Enter Suicidal Angels
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1998 TheMind's I
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1999 Live In Gothenburg
-1\Dark Tranquillity\1999 Projector
-1\Dark Tranquillity\2000 Haven
-1\Dark Tranquillity\2002 Damage Done
-1\Dark Tranquillity\2004 Exposures
-1\Dark Tranquillity\2005 Character
-1\Dark Tranquillity\2007 Fiction
-1\Delerium\Best Of
-1\Dikta\Hunting For Happiness
-1\Don't mess with Texas
-1\Don't mess with Texas\Don't mess with Texas
-1\Emery\...In Shallow Seas We Sail 2009
-1\Emery\Emery - I'm Only A Man (Special Edition)
-1\Emery\Emery - The Columbus EEP Thee EP
-1\Emery\Emery - The Question and Promo CD - 2005
-1\Emery\I'm Only A Man (2007)
-1\Emery\The Question
-1\Emery\The Weak's End
-1\Emery\While Broken Hearts Prevail
-1\Empyrium\A Wintersunset
-1\Empyrium\Songs Of Moors And Misty Fields
-1\Empyrium\Where At Night The Wood Grause Plays
-1\Estatic Fear
-1\Estatic Fear\A Sombre Dance
-1\Estatic Fear\Somnium Obmuntum
-1\Fair To Midland - Fables From a Mayfly
-1\Forgive Me Not
-1\Forgive Me Not\Heavenside
-1\Forgive Me Not\Suicide Service
-1\Guilt Machine
-1\Guilt Machine\On This Perfect Day (2009)
-1\Haggard\1997 - And Thou Shalt Trust...The Seer
-1\Haggard\1999 - Awaking The Centuries
-1\Haggard\2004 - Eppur Si Muove
-1\Haggard\2008 - Tales Of Itheria
-1\Hello Madness
-1\Hello Madness\Light and Life After Dusk
-1\Hypnogaja\Below Sunset
-1\IAMX\Kiss + Swallow (2oo4)
-1\IAMX\Live @ La Fleche d'Or - Paris 07-11-2006
-1\IAMX\The Alternative 2006
-1\Isis\In the Absence of Truth
-1\Isis\Isis Aereogramme - In the fishtank 14
-1\Jay Jay Johanson
-1\Jay Jay Johanson\Poison
-1\Jazzamor - 20 Greatest Hits
-1\Jazzamor\A Piece of My Heart
-1\Jazzamor\Lazy Sunday Afternoon
-1\Kings of Conveniance
-1\Kings of Conveniance\B-sides
-1\Kings of Conveniance\Quiet is the new loud
-1\Kings of Conveniance\Riot on an empty street
-1\Kings of Conveniance\Versus
-1\Macbeth\Malae Artes
-1\Macbeth\Romantic Tragedy's Grescendo
-1\Matchbook Romance
-1\Matchbook Romance\Voices
-1\Mattafix\Signs Of A Struggle
-1\Moody Blues - The Best Of
-1\Patrick Wolf
-1\Patrick Wolf\Lycanthropy [2003]
-1\Patrick Wolf\The Magic Position (2007)
-1\Patrick Wolf\Wind In The Wires (2005)
-1\Pure Reason Revolution
-1\Pure Reason Revolution\The Dark Third (UK)
-1\Riverside\Out of Myself
-1\Riverside\Second Life Syndrome
-1\Riverside\Voices In My Head
-1\Sentenced\1991 - Shadows Of The Past
-1\Sentenced\1993 - North From Here
-1\Sentenced\1993 - The Trooper
-1\Sentenced\1995 - Amok
-1\Sentenced\1996 - Down
-1\Sentenced\1998 - Frozen
-1\Sentenced\2000 - Crimson
-1\Sentenced\2002 - The Cold White Light
-1\Sentenced\2005 - The funeral Album
-1\Sleeping At Last - Storyboards-2009
-1\Sunterra\Graceful Tunes
-1\Sunterra\Lost Time
-1\The Gathering
-1\The Gathering\The Gathering - Home (2006)
-1\The Gathering\the gathering (hol) - 2000 - if then else
-1\Tool\10,000 Days
-1\Tortoise And Bonnie Prince Billy
-1\Tortoise And Bonnie Prince Billy\The Brave and The Bold

-2\Archive\(2002) You All Look The Same To Me
-2\Archive\2006 - Lights
-2\Archive\2009 - Controlling Crowds
-2\God is an Astronaut
-2\God is an Astronaut FLAC
-2\God is an Astronaut FLAC\A Moment of Stillness (EP)
-2\God is an Astronaut FLAC\All Is Violent, All Is Bright
-2\God is an Astronaut FLAC\Far from Refuge
-2\God is an Astronaut FLAC\God Is an Astronaut
-2\God is an Astronaut FLAC\The End of the Beginning
-2\God is an Astronaut\A Moment Of Stillness
-2\God is an Astronaut\All Is Violent, All Is Bright
-2\God is an Astronaut\Far From Refuge [2007]
-2\God is an Astronaut\God Is An Astronaut-2008
-2\God is an Astronaut\The End Of The Beginning
-2\HIM\2001 - Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights
-2\HIM\2003 - Love Metal
-2\HIM\2004 - Greatest Hits
-2\HIM\2008 - Digital Versatile Doom
-2\HIM\Razorblade Romance
-2\Lacrimosa\1991 - Angst
-2\Lacrimosa\1992 - Einsamkeit
-2\Lacrimosa\1993 - Alles Lüge (single)
-2\Lacrimosa\1993 - Satura
-2\Lacrimosa\1994 - Schakal (single)
-2\Lacrimosa\1995 - Inferno
-2\Lacrimosa\1996 - Stolzes Herz (single)
-2\Lacrimosa\1997 - Stille
-2\Lacrimosa\1998 - Live
-2\Lacrimosa\1999 - Alleine zu zweit (single)
-2\Lacrimosa\1999 - Elodia
-2\Lacrimosa\2001 - Der Morgen Danach (single)
-2\Lacrimosa\2001 - Fassade
-2\Lacrimosa\2002 - Durch Nacht und Flut (single)
-2\Lacrimosa\2003 - Echos
-2\Lacrimosa\2005 - Lichtgestalt
-2\Massive Attack
-2\Massive Attack\1998. Mezzanine
-2\Spiritual Front
-2\Spiritual Front\Nihilist Cocktails For Calypso Inferno
-2\Spiritual Front\Songs For The Will
-2\Stillife\Only Silence - 2002
-2\Stillife\Raining December - 2001
-2\Stillife\Remembrance - 2003
-2\Uaral\Lamentos A Poema Muerto
-2\Uaral\Sounds of Pain
-2\Yndi Halda
-2\Yndi Halda\2007 - Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Türkçe\110\Atomlarin Harika Dunyasi
Türkçe\110\Kontrol (2007)
Türkçe\2-5 BZ
Türkçe\2-5 BZ\Opua Disin Duzenin 7 Ceddine (1994)
Türkçe\657\Bilseydik Yasamazdik
Türkçe\Anemi-Merhamet _2009_-depar.netfreehost.com
Türkçe\Anemi-Merhamet _2009_-depar.netfreehost.com\Anemi-Merhamet (2009)
Türkçe\Asfalt Dünya
Türkçe\Asfalt Dünya\Ormanlar Krali (2007)
Türkçe\Badem\Badem (2005)
Türkçe\Badem\S'onsuz (2008)
Türkçe\Blues Brothers_briefcase full of blues_1978
Türkçe\Blues Brothers_briefcase full of blues_1978\Blues Brothers - Briefcase Full Of Blues (1978)
Türkçe\Buz\Senin Eserin (2006)
Türkçe\Can Atilla
Türkçe\Can Atilla - Ask-i Hurrem-2007
Türkçe\Can Atilla - Mevlana'dan Çagri (Dans Müzigi) (2008)
Türkçe\Can Atilla\Ask-i Hurrem
Türkçe\Cem Adrian
Türkçe\Cem Adrian\Cem_Adrian
Türkçe\Cem Adrian\Emir
Türkçe\Cin Seddi - Her Seye Evet Diyemem (2009)
Türkçe\Çilekeş\Katil Dans (2008)
Türkçe\Dandadadan\Sen Bana Biri Android
Türkçe\Demo\128 MB
Türkçe\Demo\Modo - herşeye rağmen
Türkçe\Demo\Plastic - Demolar
Türkçe\Demo\the Blame-2008 Demo
Türkçe\Derin6\Ilk (2007)
Türkçe\Dorian\Yeniden Hayata
Türkçe\Ehl i Keyf
Türkçe\Ehl i Keyf\Yer Altindan Notalar
Türkçe\Element\Cehenem [2007]
Türkçe\Emre Aydın
Türkçe\Emre Aydın\Afilli Yalnizlik
Türkçe\Erdem Yener - Kirli 2008 320 Kbps
Türkçe\Ferhat Göçer
Türkçe\Ferhat Göçer\Ferhat Gocer
Türkçe\Ferhat Göçer\Yolun Açık Olsun
Türkçe\Gren - Gren (2009)
Türkçe\Gripin\Boyle Kahpedir Dunya
Türkçe\Grup Ünlü
Türkçe\Grup Ünlü\Estarabim - Maxi_Single
Türkçe\Grup Ünlü\Kafam
Türkçe\Grup Ünlü\O ve Z Hikayesi
Türkçe\Grup Ünlü\Son Defa
Türkçe\Güler\Bu Kadar Yeter(2008)
Türkçe\Hariçten Gazelciler (2008)
Türkçe\Hayko Cepkin
Türkçe\Hayko Cepkin\Sakin Olmam Lazım
Türkçe\Hayko Cepkin\Tanisma Bitti
Türkçe\istanbul blues kumpanyası
Türkçe\istanbul blues kumpanyası\kökler
Türkçe\istanbul blues kumpanyası\sair zamanlar
Türkçe\JoyTürk - Aski Hisset (2009)
Türkçe\Kargo\Sevmek Zor
Türkçe\Kaybeden Tribi
Türkçe\Kaybeden Tribi - Kendimden Geçtim & Portre
Türkçe\Kaybeden Tribi\Bu Şehirde
Türkçe\Kirkalti\Kafasi Güzel (2008)
Türkçe\Kreş\Zaman Yok
Türkçe\Kutsal\Çirilçiplak (2008)
Türkçe\Let It Flow
Türkçe\Let It Flow\Let It Flow - Meanings (2008)
Türkçe\Let It Flow\The  Momentary Touches To The Depths
Türkçe\Lil\Between Desires And Stars
Türkçe\Lora - Bir Kadının Portresi
Türkçe\Luxus - Acayip Seyler (2008)
Türkçe\Luxus - Acayip Seyler (2008)\[Originals]
Türkçe\Luxus\Acayip Seyler (2008)
Türkçe\Magilum - Kirmizi Kar (2009)
Türkçe\Magilum - Kirmizi Kar (2009)\[Originals]
Türkçe\Magilum- Kirmizi Kar
Türkçe\Magilum- Kirmizi Kar\[Originals]
Türkçe\Malt\Kendi Adini Tasiyan Ilk Album
Türkçe\Manga - Sehr-i Hüzün (2009)
Türkçe\Mercan Dede
Türkçe\Mercan Dede\800
Türkçe\Mizan\Avrasya (2008)
Türkçe\modern sabahlar
Türkçe\Murathan Mungan
Türkçe\Murathan Mungan\Söz Vermiş Şarkılar
Türkçe\Müslüm Gürses - Sandik (2009)
Türkçe\Müslüm Gürses & Murathan Mungan
Türkçe\Müslüm Gürses & Murathan Mungan\Ask Tesadufleri Sever
Türkçe\Norrda\Infinite Face (2007)
Türkçe\OST Istanbul Hatirasi
Türkçe\Ozcan_Deniz_-_Sevdazede-2009_Admin\Ozcan Deniz - Sevdazede-2009
Türkçe\Özgür Çevik--Düşünce [2008]
Türkçe\Pentagram - 1987 2008  G@Z£!
Türkçe\Pilli Bebek
Türkçe\Pilli Bebek\Olsun (2007)
Türkçe\Pilli Bebek\Siyah Beyaz
Türkçe\Pinhani\Inandigim Masallar
Türkçe\Pinhani\Zaman Beklemez (2008)
Türkçe\Radical Noise - 2000 - Plan-B
Türkçe\Sagopa Kajmer
Türkçe\Sagopa Kajmer\Bir Pesimistin Gözyaşları
Türkçe\Sagopa Kajmer\Kafile 2006
Türkçe\Sakin\- Hayat (2008)
Türkçe\serdar ortac-nefes
Türkçe\Sevket Ugurluer - Anilarla Müzik (2008)
Türkçe\Sufi\Duet Series Guitar Ney
Türkçe\Sufi\Kudsi Erguner - Ottomania ('99,TR)
Türkçe\Sufi\Mey & Gam - Duslere Yolculuk II - 2008
Türkçe\Sufi\Ney TaksimLeri - The Sufi Scream - 2008
Türkçe\Sufi\Serkan Cagri - Ala - 2008
Türkçe\Suzan Kardeş - Makyaj Odası Şarkıları (2009)
Türkçe\Tanju Okan
Türkçe\Teneke\Sira Bizde (2005)
Türkçe\Teoman - Insanlik Halleri (2009)
Türkçe\Teoman\Album Disi
Türkçe\Teoman\Renkli Rüyalar Oteli
Türkçe\Üç Nokta Bir
Türkçe\Üç Nokta Bir\Sabah Karsi (2007)
Türkçe\VA - Turk Rock Collection (2007)
Türkçe\Vega\Hafif Müzik
Türkçe\Vol 01 - Türkiye'den Alternatif Rock (2007)
Türkçe\Yakup\Kaos (2007)
Türkçe\Yansimalar\BAB - ESRAR
Türkçe\Yansımalar\Yansimalar - Miras
Türkçe\Yansımalar\Yansimalar - Pervane
Türkçe\Yasemin Mori
Türkçe\Yasemin Mori\Hayvanlar
Türkçe\Yüksek Sadakat
Türkçe\Yüksek Sadakat\Katil & Maktül (2008)
Türkçe\Yüksek Sadakat\Yüksek Sadakat

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