28 Haz 2007

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Emil Bulls - Emil Bulls - Emil Bulls - Emil Bulls - Emil Bulls

Emil Bulls are a German Nu Metal / Alternative Rock band. They have released four full length albums and two LP's so far.

„This is the time, this is the place for great revenge.
This is the day to say fire-fuck you.“
„It’s over now. ... It’s unbelievable, now I just feel newborn.“

Two lines from the new Emil Bulls album representing the band in 2005. One openly offensive and loud-mouthed , the other one proudly embracing life. Two lyrical statements of self-esteem to bring on the comeback. Emil Bulls are back. “The Southern Comfort” is the most serious and autonomous album so far. Or to make it short: 100% Bulls.

“The Southern Comfort” is not your regular die-cast album. Anyway this label will usually only come up when all the songs on an album sound the same. “The Southern Comfort” is colourfully different, exciting, brash and the essence of the bands work so far.


Emil Bulls ist eine Band aus München, Bayern. Sie spielt in der Besetzung zwei Gitarren, Bass, Schlagzeug und Sänger/Gitarre. Sie wehren sich jedoch, in die Kategorie des Nu Metal gesteckt zu werden.

Die Band hat sich mittlerweile mit zahllosen Auftritten in kleinen Clubs, aber auch Auftritten bei großen Festivals wie z. B. Rock am Ring einen Ruf als bemerkenswert mitreißende Liveband erspielt.

EB - Porcelain

EB - The Southern Comfort