14 Haz 2007

This one for ps2usb

Night Ark - Night Ark - Night Ark - Night Ark - Night Ark

Often considered an ethnic jazz quartet, the band has knack for writing Middle Eastern-influenced world music exuding jarring melodies that may seem a bit hard to internalise for the untrained ear. Fans of Turkish, Armenian, and Greek music performed within a painstakingly composed jazz blueprint are going to enjoy the songs on Treasures a lot.

Though far from rock and metal, all songs are underpinned by these genres' trademark elements. From minor key ambiant pieces encompassing weird male vocals to more jazz piano-inflected Middle Eastern numbers, the songs feature a good dose of cumbus, oud and zither sounds. That said, the track "Adoloscence" also encapusaltes a meaty guitar delivering eerie jazz notes over a fluid piano melody accompanied by distant male vocals. "Of Song & Silence" breaks the 10-minute mark with its almost New Age-like flow, yet at the same time, it continues to experiment with avantgarde elements including a fretless bass sound blended with harmony vocals.

Much like this mammoth track, "Worm" continues the musical experimentation, utilising the saz (a straight-necked string instrument), subtle synth washes, and even some electronic sounds. Cymbals occasionally crash and splash in the background whilst a simplistic jazz motif is carried on amidst heavy bass arpeggios. The song is chaotic and dark yet still wonderfully easy to enjoy.

Treasures pt 1

Treasures pt 2

Night Ark - Night Ark - Night Ark - Night Ark - Night Ark