28 Kas 2007


Sentenced's fifth full-length album Frozen (1998) was also recorded at the Woodhouse Studios and it continued pretty much on the same path as Down, adding depth wherever necessary. Laihiala and Kukkohovi had gotten properly initiated into the band, so they participated a lot in the composition process, resulting in Frozen being very much a group effort; a band album. In 1999 a special edition of Frozen was released, containing a recolored (gold) cover and rearranged track running order, with four cover songs included. Some fans scorned, stating that they now had to buy the album again, because of this new release coming well after the "regular" one, and without prior warning.

The next Sentenced album to be released was Crimson in 2000. As the single "Killing Me, Killing You" showcased, the band's sound had once again taken a turn for the lighter direction. And two years from that, the release of The Cold White Light saw the band in a slightly different light, the lyrics displaying some self-irony and even an extremely rare positive edge, in a "there is light at the end of the tunnel after all" sort of way.

After The Cold White Light also lies a CD-single. Released in 2003 along with songs by other bands on a four track compilation single that's dedicated to Oulun Kärpät, the ice hockey team of the band's hometown, Routasydän remains the only song Sentenced sung in Finnish, and cannot be found elsewhere. The song caused something of a stir in Finland, as several politicians reviewed the lyrics and purported them to contain Nazi overtones, which the band has steadfastly refuted.

In early 2005, the band announced that their following release The Funeral Album would be their last. It was also stated that there would be no reunions. They performed few farewell gigs during the spring and summer (as per their wishes) and ended with a funeral gig in October 2005 in their hometown Oulu, Finland. A DVD concentrating on their last show was also part of the plan; this has come the dissolution of Sentenced's 16 year career.

The Sentenced concert film Buried Alive, directed by Mika Ronkainen, filmed at the funeral gig in their hometown Oulu October 1st 2005, was premiered at Oulu Music Video Festival September 9th, 2006.

Ville is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the Finnish metal band, Poisonblack. The band has released two albums.