26 Mar 2008

Asian Dub Foundation

Origin London, England, U.K.
Genre(s) Alternative electronica (Breakbeat, dub, dancehall, ragga)
Years active 1993—present
Label(s) Slash, Virgin, FFRR, EMI
Website www.asiandubfoundation.com

Asian Dub Foundation is a British alternative electronica band, that play a mix of breakbeat, dub, dancehall and ragga, also using rock instruments, acknowledging a punk influence.

The band formed in 1993 as an outgrowth of the documentary Identical Beat, a film shot at London's Farringdon Community Music House, the site of a series of summer workshops designed to teach Asian children the essentials of music technology. In charge of the workshops were tutor Aniruddha Das and youth worker John Pandit, also a noted DJ; with one of their students, a 14-year-old Bengali rapper named Deeder Zaman, they soon formed a sound system which they called the Asian Dub Foundation.

After each adopted an alias — bassist/tabla player Das became Dr. Das, Pandit became Pandit G, and Zaman became Master D — they gradually evolved into a working band with the 1994 addition of former Higher Intelligence Agency and Atom Spies guitarist Steve Chandra Savale, an innovative performer known for tuning his strings to one note (like a sitar), turning up the distortion unit and playing his instrument with a knife, earning him the nickname "Chandrasonic."

Emerging in the midst of considerable anti-Asian violence throughout Britain, the Foundation's early demos landed them a contract with Nation Records, and they recorded their debut EP Conscious in 1994.


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Facts and Fictions is a Reggae/dub album by the British band Asian Dub Foundation. The album was originally released in 1995, on the Virgin France label. It was then re-released in America on September 24, 2002 on the Beggars UK label.

  1. "Witness (DJ Scud remix)"
  2. "Change A Gonna Come"
  3. "Strong Culture (Juttla & Charged mix)"
  4. "Change A Gonna Come (Panicstepper remix)"
  5. "Rivers Of Dub"
  6. "Tu Meri (Wayward Soul remix)"
  7. "Nazrul Dub"
  8. "Jericho (Capa D dub)"
  9. "P.K.N.B. (Dry & Heavy Connection dub)"
  10. "C.A.G.C. (via pirate satellite)"
  11. "Operation Eagle Lie"

R.A.F.I. is a 1997 album by the British electronica band Asian Dub Foundation. Initially released only in France, several of the tracks were later re-recorded and issued on Rafi's Revenge in 1998.

Rafi's Revenge is an album from 1998 by Asian Dub Foundation. The album mixed jungle-style drum and bass, bhangra, dub, breakbeat and punkish guitars with politically- and socially-conscious rapped lyrics.

The lyrics railed against racism, both in life and the "institutional racism" highlighted by the murder of Stephen Lawrence. It also drew on the history of the Indian Subcontinent, with Naxalite based on the Naxalite peasant uprising in West Bengal in the 1960s.


Community Music is an album by British band Asian Dub Foundation,
released on 20 March 2000

Enemy Of The Enemy is an album by British band Asian Dub Foundation, released on February 3, 2003


Tank is the sixth studio album by British alternative electronica band Asian Dub Foundation